is designed to provide young adults living in the community, or transitioning into Independent living the opportunity to develop life skills. It is envisaged that these grants will enable them to take up training, and educational programmes and where appropriate provide living support. We have seen increasing requests for support from young adults struggling with living & training costs. Grants have included support for University Fees, Driving Licences, School Uniforms, Life guard training, and emergency food supplies. Life remains difficult for young folk trying to find work when unemployment is so high. Grants of £2,572 were made in the year 2021/22

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HFSAC was originally set up in 2004 to support the  Rehoboth Trust, a children’s village caring for children orphaned or abandoned as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. South Africa is the worst country in Africa for HIV infection rates with some 20% of the population carrying the virus. Rehoboth is now a short term care falcility and home to a maximum of 80 Children. Our Child Sponsorship programme closes the gap between the government grant and the cost of keeping a child in this high care facility. HFSAC also supports the educational needs of the children within the village.  £23,846 was sent to support the village in the year 2021/22. CLICK HERE to learn about our Child Sponsorship programme.


The Trustees following the increasing time they spent in South Africa became aware of the sheer number of crèches and projects supporting children in rural communities in the Port Shepstone area. An outreach fund was established to identify projects which are well managed and in great need of financial support and a need for training resources. Whenever a request is received for support the Trustees will always ensure that there is sound administration and accountability for any grants made.


HFSAC works on a number of projects with the “Genesis Trust”, the outreach programme of the Norwegian Settlers Church in Port Shepstone. A total amount of £6043 was sent to the various Genesis projects in the year 2021/22


Dianne Wallace runs Green Sparks Education Trust which runs teaching programmes in the local rural community crèches. The Brainboosters programme comprises 3 fully prepared activity boxes containing colour, number and shapes. The Greensparks team trains the crèche carers to use the equipment which is donated to each crèche. HFSAC has provided sufficient funds to cover the cost of equipping 31 crèches and providing the training and follow up. HFSAC recently made a donation of £5000 to help with a replacement SUV which is vital in reaching wayout communities.


Khula started as an outreach by a Methodist Pastor who witnessed huge deprivation in a rural area a hour from the nearest town . A church was built which incorporated a crèche and feeding programme. Today there are some 80/90 children in Pre-School Education with an after-school feeding programme for a further number of children. During and post Covid Pandemic they have been providing 300/400 meals twice per week. Medical facilities are also provided with a monthly visit from a Mobile Clinic and Dentist. Lifeskill programmes have been added including computer training, bead-work and gardening. Running costs were supported by HFSAC in 2021/22 totalling £2789. Addional support has been given for building renovation and the lifeskills programmes.  


HFSAC supported SAFEPLACE with grants totalling £3254 in 201/22 primarily to support feeding programmes.   


Cornerstone Learning Centre  is a school for children with autism and other learning difficulties in premises provided by the Norwegian Settlers Church. Our Outreach Fund has been able to support a major extension and refurbishment programme. Twenty-four children are currently being educated and further expansion is planned. HFSAC donated a full bursary of £3129 in 2021/22 for students who cannot afford the fees.


Is a new project for HFSAC, run by Joseph & Eileen Philander in the Western Cape, David & Glen met them when the first went to South Africa in 2001 as WEC short-term missionaries. They were serving in the Durban Office as WEC missionaries. They now Pastor the Church. Kingdom Kids is an extension of the church and exists by showing Gods love practically by feeding and sharing the Gospel to children. They continue it see an influx of needy people coming to the feeding programme providing opportunities to evangelise. HFSAC provided a new Laptop last year and donations of £2304.